Mordy Getz


Mordechai “Mordy” Getz serves as LevelUp MD’s Chief Executive Officer. Mordy leads a growing team of colleagues who are passionate about transforming health care to be more accessible, convenient, compassionate, and most importantly, more equitable.



Under Mordy’s leadership, LevelUp MD Urgent Care delivers emergency care and medical services in many communities where quality healthcare options are few.  Mordy was the driving force behind LevelUp MD’s proactive response to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

LevelUp MD centers were among the few providers to expand access and hours of operation to serve the increased demand for rapid testing. This widespread effort to keep communities safe led to collaborations with New York City institutions and school systems throughout New York and New Jersey. Mordy also spearheaded strategic partnerships with state officials to implement vaccination drives in underserved communities and schools.  


Mordy has decades of experience as a business leader across several industries. In each role, his primary focus was the well-being of the community. Prior to becoming CEO at LevelUp MD, Mordy led a large real estate development company in New York City and held an executive position at the largest Judaica retailer in the United States.

Mordy is a strong supporter of healthcare research and sits on the Indiana University School of Medicine Dean’s Council and is actively involved in many philanthropic and charitable causes, including the Gift of Life organization, Refuah Helpline, and Amudim.

To learn more about Mordy, follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.