Antibiotic Stewardship

LevelUp MD Urgent Care supports the urgent care industry in improving its antibiotic prescribing practices to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use and preserve the utility of these life-saving drugs. To mitigate these threats and to deliver high-quality care, we are committed to support scientific evidence that will:

  • enhance our knowledge of antibiotic prescribing in urgent care,
  • develop innovative urgent care antibiotic stewardship interventions, and
  • build effective resources for urgent care providers and patients.


LevelUp MD Urgent Care is committed to urgent care antibiotic stewardship efforts that can immediately reduce unnecessary antibiotic use while ensuring patients receive the best care and treatment possible. 

We are also committed to working to:

  • develop organizational and collaborative solutions to raise awareness among patients,
  • support the tracking and reporting of antibiotic use,
  • provide ongoing education for urgent care patients about appropriate antibiotic use and the importance of antibiotic stewardship.

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